About Us

My name is Max. This is my website/blog. It's in the state of perpetual construction. I usually add around 100 new characters per year. Sometimes months will go by without me adding any, and then I will add 20-30 characters in just a few weeks. If you don't see some characters that you think should be here - e-mail me and I will consider adding them. Beginning now (July 2008) I will concentrate on b-movies and try to avoid mainstream schlock unless I deem it absolutely necessary. My definition of b-movie might be different than yours.

The Man (from Carnival of Souls) and Joker articles were written by Brian Sweat.


Herby Hönigsperger said...

Oh dear... I liked the site when I first discovered it but now it seems abandoned? You haven't given up on it, have you?

Max said...

Dear Herby Hönigsperger,

I appreciate the comment.
Unfortunately I've been extremely busy lately, and although this site has not been abandoned, it's currently in deep hibernation ;(

Thank you!

Nathan Forester said...

I came across your site when I was looking for pictures of Julie from Return Of The Living Dead III. And I immediately took a liking to it.

I love how you've done the layout for this blog.