Ginny Field

Name: Ginny Field
Category: Human, Survivor
Age: Early 20s
Origin: Unknown
Habitat: Counselor training center near Camp Crystal Lake
General Description: One of many young people to attend councilor training near Camp Crystal Lake in the summer of 1985... And one of the only two to survive.
Friends, Associates, and Sidekicks: Paul the councilor trainer
Sworn Enemies: Jason Voorhees
Special Powers: Superior people impersonation skills. Also - excellent knowledge of Child’s Psychology - a useful skill when confronted by demented psycho killers.
Weapons of Choice: Chainsaw, chairs, machete, pitchfork... Anything that happens to be nearby, really. However she is not very effective with any of these weapons.
Weaknesses: For some strange reason, Ginny never finishes off her victims. She never even checks if they are actually dead. A trait she learned or regret.
Hobbies: Chess
Pet Peeves: Notoriously unreliable German cars with ignition problems.
Best Lines:
1) Paul, there is someone in this room. Paul there’s someone in this fucking room!
2) Jason. It’s all done, Jason. You’ve done your job well, and mommy is pleased. That’s a good boy. Now, come to mommy, come on. Come on. Mommy has a reward for you. Jason, mother is talking to you. Jason, mother is talking to you. Come on. That’s my boy. Come. Kneel down. That’s a boy. Kneel down. Kneel down, Jason. That’s my good boy. That’s a good boy. Good Jason.
Total Estimated Power Rating: 7
5 Intellect Points + 1 Base Physical Strength Points + 1 Weapon Points for the variety of weapons Ginny clumsily attempts to use
Power Level: Low. Ginny’s intelligence often allows her to gain an upper hand in difficult situations; however her limited physical strength cancels out any advantage she is able to gain in this manner.
Identification: Extremely hard, especially if she is impersonating your mother.
Most people cannot tell the difference. If your mother behaved strangely lately – she might actually be Ginny Field pretending to be your mother.
How to Recruit: Tell her about your relationship with your mother and give her a chance to psychoanalyze you...
How to Stay on Her Good Side: Fix her Volkswagen and loose to her in chess a couple of times.
What to Look Out For: If you talk about your mother too much, Ginny might gain enough insight to impersonate her and use it to her advantage. Keep your childhood testimonies simple.
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Movies and Books Featuring the Character:
- Friday the 13th - Part 2 (1981)

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