Stirba, Queen of the Werewolves

Name: Stirba
Category: Werewolf, Monster
Age: 10,000 years old
Origin: The Dark Country
Habitat: The Dark Country, Transylvania, Vlkava village
General Description: Daughter of Satanda and Assindacel, Stirba is the Queen of the Werewolves... Well, maybe not the Queen of ALL werewolves, but there are a few dozens of these creatures that actually owe their allegiance to Stirba... She is widely regarded for her intriguing fashion sense and ability to throw excellent werewolf parties. Stirba is a certified werewolf breeder with 10,000 years of experience.
Friends, Associates, and Sidekicks: Vlad and Mariana
Sworn Enemies: Stefan Crosscoe
Special Powers: Although Stirba’s ability to turn into an actual wolf has never been documented, it is confirmed that she is able to instantly become dangerously hairy. Stirba’s notorious Howl of Death causes all midgets within a 10-mile radius to explode. She is also able to shoot some kind of lasers or lightning bolts from her fingertips – the purpose of these is unknown but they look impressive. Stirba (along with some of her closest minions) is immune to silver and can be killed only with titanium weapons.
Weapons of Choice: The gargoyle statuette on top of her staff comes to life and kills on command.
Weaknesses: Being pierced with titanium causes Stirba to spontaneously combust.
Hobbies: Petting her stuffed wolf. Getting naked in general and getting naked during werewolf orgies in particular.
Pet Peeves: Being old... Stirba is forced to suck the essence of life and beauty out of some innocent virgin every few years or so... Failure to do so prevents her from being able to fully participate in werewolf orgies.
Best Lines:
1) She is a huntress, she will bear us many fierce daughters and sons
2) Our enemies have arrived
Total Estimated Power Rating: 13
5 Intellect Points + 2 Base Physical Strength Points + 1 Additional Physical Strength Point for when in Wolf Hairy Shape + 1 Weapon Point for the Gargoyle Staff + 1 Supernatural Power Point for the Howl of Death + 1 Shock Point + 1 Point for Basic Shape-Shifting Ability + 1 Point for Relative Immortality + 1 Point for Basic Hypnosis Skills
Danger Level: High. Despite her relatively dismal appearance, Stirba is a dangerous werewolf bitch with a wide arsenal of skills at her possession.
Identification: A blond werewolf with a passion for extreme 80s fashion. Occasionally looks her age, but is usually able to keep herself looking young by drinking virgin blood... Stirba is usually surrounded by copulating werewolves...
How to Avoid: Virginity seems to be the only known factor to influence Stirba’s preferences in choosing victims. This theory, however, is being currently questioned by some experts, who claim that the real deciding factors are beauty and youth, rather than virginity. To be on a safer side, we recommend that you try to be an old ugly slut, thus making yourself useless for Stirba’s blood sucking “face-lift” rituals.
Suggested Actions in Case of Encounter: When hunting Stirba, having Stefan Crosscoe with you is highly recommended. Before approaching Stirba’s habitat, make sure your ears are sealed with wax from the sacred candles to protect you against Stirba’s howl of death. Especially if you are a midget.
Suggested Killing Techniques: If you are able to dispose of her cronies and are not susceptible to hypnosis – you have a decent chance of killing her. Simply pierce her body with a titanium object of any sort.
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Movies and Books Featuring the Character:
- Howling 2: Your Sister is a Werewolf (1985)

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