Stefan Crosscoe

Name: Stefan Crosscoe
Category: Werewolf Hunter, Human, Occult Investigator, Immortal
Age: Exact age unknown. Approximately 10,000 years
Origin: Unknown (Transylvania?)
Habitat: United States
General Description: Mysterious werewolf hunter and occult investigator Stefan Crosscoe is the brother of Stirba, the queen of the werewolves. Stefan dedicated his inexplicably long life to the pursuit of his sister and her minions. Mr. Crosscoe is the only known werewolf hunter to use titanium (instead of silver) weapons.
Friends, Associates, and Sidekicks: Father Florin, Vasile the Dwarf, Konstantin the Daughterless, Luca the Widower
Sworn Enemies: Stirba
Special Powers: Immortality, advanced knowledge of occult
Weapons of Choice: Stakes and daggers forged from titanium, pistol loaded with titanium ammunition, consecrated oil, chalice that held the scared blood of Christ, holy water, etc.
Weaknesses: Somewhat susceptible to hypnosis, suspected of harboring impure feelings towards his sister Stirba
Hobbies: Collecting werewolf memorabilia
Pet Peeves: Werewolves
Best Lines:
1) This type of bullet, Mr.White means your sister is a werewolf
2) The process of evolution is reversed!
Total Estimated Power Rating: 10
5 Intellect Points + 3 Base Physical Strength Points + 1 Weapon Points for his arsenal of titanium weapons + 1 Point for Relative Immortality
Power Level: Medium. Stefan is a skillful werewolf hunter. However, his immortality is relative, for he can be killed; and his education outside the field of occultism is rather limited.
Identification: Identifying Stefan is relatively easy, for he would use any occasion to let you know that he is in fact an “occult investigator” and his name is Stefan Crosscoe. Why investigate occult if you can’t brag about it, right? In fact, Stefan would probably give you his business card - it would read “Stefan Crosscoe. Occult Investigator.”
How to Recruit: Simply believing (or pretending to believe) him and acknowledging (or pretending to acknowledge) the fact that he is an experienced “Occult Investigator” would totally get him to be sympathetic to your cause. So, if you simply say something like: “Wow… You know so much about the dark arts! I totally need you expertise to hunt down some werewolves” – Stefan will be by your side before you can snicker.
How to Stay on His Good Side: Stefan is a recluse and prefers to work alone or in the company of his Romanian associates. Give him some personal space and try not to cross his path.
What to Look Out For:
When hunting werewolves with Mr. Crosscoe try to avoid being bitten and becoming one of these creatures. Stefan harbors a bizarre belief that when killing werewolves he is doing them a huge favor. Many a werewolf have “benefited” from his “charity.”
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Movies and Books Featuring the Character:
- Howling 2: Your Sister is a Werewolf (1985)

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