Wonder Woman

Name: Diana (aka Diana Prince)
Category: Superhero, Amazon, Immortal, Human
Age: Exact Age Unknown (Thousands of years)
Origin: Uncharted Island within the Devil’s Triangle (Paradise Island)
Habitat: Washington, DC, USA, World of Men
General Description: One of the most powerful superheroes in the world, Diana is a daughter of Queen Hippolyte. She chose to leave Paradise Island in order to assist the United States of America in the battle against the Nazi Germany and other Axis powers. Wonder Woman has a wide range of various tools at her disposal:
1) The Golden Belt (symbol of Amazon supremacy) allows her to retain her extraordinary powers and immortality away from Paradise Island
2) The Golden Lasso, made from indestructible material, compels people to tell the truth and obey commands.
3) The Silver Bracelets of Victory, allow her to deflect bullets using her superhuman reflexes.
4) The Invisible Plane – an advanced aircraft with built-in elevator jazz stereo. The plane does not make its passengers (or the pilot seat) invisible, but provides a breathtaking and entirely unobstructed 360 degrees panoramic view.
Friends, Associates, and Sidekicks: Queen Hippolyte, Major Steve Trevor
Sworn Enemies: Colonel Oberst Von Blasko, Agent M, Baroness Paula Von Gunther
Special Powers: In addition to her extraordinary strength, intelligence, agility, and ability to duplicate anyone’s voice, Wonder Woman possesses extraordinary disguise skills – with a few simple touches (a wig, a different hairdo, glasses, etc.) she is able to change her appearance so drastically that even her own mother is unable to recognize her. When combined with her ability to instantaneously change her looks with a simple twirl, this skill allows her to live a double life as Wonder Woman and Diana Prince.
Weapons of Choice: Golden Lasso, bare hands, Golden Tiara that doubles as a throwing weapon
Weaknesses: Major Steve Trevor
Hobbies: Forward Dash, Archery, Spear Throwing, Stone Throwing, Weight Lifting, High Jump, Arm Wrestling, Bullet Dodging
Pet Peeves: Men who have little regard for womanhood.
Best Lines:
1) Please, put those guns down. You could hurt people.
2) You certainly use a lot of material in your dresses.
3) The Nazis don’t care about their women. They let you fend for yourself. And any civilization that does not recognize the female is doomed to destruction. Women are the wave of the future and sisterhood is stronger than anything.
4) You obviously have little regard for womanhood. You must learn respect.
Total Estimated Power Rating: 18
7 Intellect Points + 3 Base Physical Strength Points + 3 Additional Physical Strength Points for when on Paradise Island (or for when wearing the Golden Belt of Amazon Supremacy) + 1 Weapon Points for the Lasso and the razor-sharp Tiara + 1 Point for Relative Immortality + 3 Additional Points for the Golden Lasso’s hypnosis inducing characteristics, Invisible plane, and disguise skills
Power Level: Extremely high. One of the most powerful superheroes in the world, Wonder Woman is the living proof of Amazon supremacy.
Identification: It is absolutely impossible to identify Wonder Woman when she is not wearing her Star-Spangled underwear outfit. Her disguise skills are truly legendary. It is advisable to treat every woman you encounter with a healthy dose of fear. Any one of them could be Wonder Woman.
How to Recruit: Try to become an object of her affections. It seems that the best way to achieve this status is to virtually ignore her, unless she is half naked. It worked for Major Trevor, and I don’t see a reason why it wouldn’t work for you...
How to Stay on Her Good Side: Under no circumstances show your sexist upbringing. Keep Susan B. Anthony’s biography on your reading table, just in case Wonder Woman drops by.
What to Look Out For: One sexist remark and it’s over. Wonder Woman takes feminism very seriously. And so should you.
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Movies and Books Featuring the Character:
- The New Original Wonder Woman - Wonder Woman. TV Series (1st Season (1975))

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