Agent M

Name: Marcia
Category: Nazi, Spy, Human
Age: Late 20s
Origin: Nuremberg, Nazi Germany
Habitat: 2809 West Twentieth Street, Chevy Chase (Phone #: Capitol 6732)
General Description: Marcia’s intelligence, strength, and language abilities made her one of the top Nazi spies in the US and put her in control of a small but highly effective spy ring. After spending five years trying to gain complete trust of Major Steve Trevor, she became his secretary and his lover. This position allowed her to gain virtually unlimited access to sensitive top-secret information, which she promptly delivered to her Nazi overlords.
Friends, Associates, and Sidekicks: Colonel Oberst Von Blasko
Sworn Enemies: Wonder Woman
Special Powers: Proficient in Judo. Excellent familiarity with Morse code
Weapon(s) of choice: Bare Hands, Small Pistol, Throwing Knives, Furniture
Weakness(es): Being less than Amazonian ideal
Hobbies: Judo
Pet Peeves: Unknown... Probably American beer
Best Line(s):
1) Look at the time. Will that be all, Steve? I have a chiropodist’s appointment this afternoon.
2) I don’t need a gun to take you, Wonder Woman. I was Nuremberg judo champ!
3) You may have me… But the Third Reich will never be through. It will go on a thousand years.
Total Estimated Power Rating: 8
5 Intellect Points + 3 Base Physical Strength Points
Danger Level: High. Marcia easily outsmarts and outfights most men and women. She is a formidable opponent who is not afraid to use anything at her disposal for the glory of the fatherland.
Identification: As a professional spy Marcia is a master of blending into the crowd. However, she has an unusual friend who keeps a machine gun in her purse... On the other hand, who doesn’t?
How to Avoid: Marcia will have no interest in you if you don't have access to classified information, which you don’t, and thus you have nothing to worry about.
Suggested Actions in Case of Encounter: Unless you are Wonder Woman, it is advisable not to confront Marcia one-on-one. Call authorities and report her.
Suggested Killing Techniques: You wouldn’t kill a defenseless woman, would you? Too bad, for she wouldn’t hesitate to kill you for a second.
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Movie(s) and or Book(s) featuring the character:
- The New Original Wonder Woman - Wonder Woman. TV Series (1st Season (1975))

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