Colonel Oberst Von Blasko

Name: Oberst Von Blasko
Category: Nazi, Soldier, Human
Age: Late 30s
Origin: Nazi Germany
Habitat: Nazi Germany
General Description: One of the top ace pilots of the Nazi Germany. Capable of taking down a squadron of enemy fighter planes without any additional air support.
Friends, Associates, and Sidekicks: Nickolas (or so he thinks…), Agent M
Sworn Enemies: Wonder Woman
Special Powers: Astounding airplane piloting skills
Weapon(s) of choice: XV-13 Bomber
Weakness(es): Having little regard for womanhood
Hobbies: Pigeons
Pet Peeves: Soiling hands on female flesh
Best Line(s):
1) Speak English, if you don’t mind, Herr Kapitän, for secrecy’s sake, on the off-chance that someone might be listening and learns the secret of your mission.
2) We have deliberately kept the objective of your mission a secret from even you, Herr Kapitän, until the last minute. It is that sensitive… and crucial.
3) I had hoped to undertake this mission myself, but unfortunately the Führer wishes me to be right here by his side.
4) If you fail… then I will have no other choice but to complete your mission myself, successfully.
5) Well… as our English friends would say, good hunting. And Heil Hitler.
6) There are several times in a man’s life when he might be glad he never married. I think, Nickolas, that this is one of them.
7) I prefer not to soil my hands on female flesh, but if you insist.
Total Estimated Power Rating: 11
5 Intellect Points + 4 Base Physical Strength Points + 2 Weapon Points for his personal Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighter plane
Danger Level: Medium. Outside a dogfight Herr Oberst’s abilities are only slightly above average. However when aboard a good fighter or a bomber plane Von Blasko has no rivals.
Identification: Herr Oberst wouldn’t stand out in a crowd of Nazi colonels. You chances of ever encountering a crowd of Nazi colonels are rather slim, however. So if you encounter a man wearing Nazi colonel uniform and he happens to respond to “Herr Oberst” – you’ve just identified the man.
How to Avoid: Immigrate to Switzerland
Suggested Actions in Case of Encounter: Depends on where you encounter the colonel. If you encounter him on land try to casually say “Heil Hitler” and walk away... That would at least buy you some time... If you encounter him during a dogfight, however, turn your plane around and take course for Switzerland.
Suggested Killing Techniques: Colonel von Blasko is extremely valuable as a source of intelligence information, taking him to the authorities would be the suggested course of action.
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Movie(s) and or Book(s) featuring the character:
- The New Original Wonder Woman - Wonder Woman. TV Series (1st Season (1975))

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