Name: Lillith
Category: Supernatural Being, Leader, Villain, Human Predator, Shape Shifter, Vampire, Homosexual, Lesbian
Age: Unknown – potentially hundreds or even thousands of years
Origin: The little known region of Tierra del Fuego that looks surprisingly like Pacific North-West
Habitat: McCutcheon Mortuary/Brothel (325 Bowmont, ask for the Cunningham wake)
General Description: The mother of all vampires and the most horrible woman to ever walk the Earth. A flaming lesbian with a passion for rare blood types, Lillith usually surrounds herself with female vampires and uses them to lure unsuspecting males into her lair.
Friends, Associates, and Sidekicks: Vincent the Villainous Midget
Sworn Enemies: Rafe Guttman
Special Powers: In addition to the basic vampire staple such as super strength and shape-shifting, Lillith possesses advanced immortality skills - she may be taken out of action, but she cannot be killed.
Weapons of Choice: Tongue-tacle, which Lillith uses to choke her victims while simultaneously pushing their hearts out. Unlike her brethren, Lillith does not limit herself to blood sucking via two tiny holes in the neck and often prefers freshly squeezed hearts.
Weaknesses: Lillith can be easily controlled by anyone who possesses a mysterious blood-filled object known as “the key.” Please keep in mind that the key inexplicably explodes easily breaks if dropped, freeing Lillith from its control.
Hobbies: Fulfilling your wildest sexual fantasies... like masturbating cheerleaders (???) and Marilyn Monroe up-skirt reenactment (Really??? You call this wild?)
Pet Peeves: Vegetarians
Best Lines:
1) Don’t eat your heart baby. That’s my job.
2) Care for a little deep throat?
3) I just love a man who gives you head… and let’s you keep it.
4) Breasts are always nice. But I prefer… Oooh.
5) First I am going to rip your dick off, then I’m going to grind your balls into guacamole.
Total Estimated Power Rating: 14
4 Base Intellect Points + 5 Base Physical Power Points + 1 Shock Point + 1 Basic Shape Shifting Point + 3 Advanced Invulnerability Points
Danger Level: High. You wouldn’t think that she is that tough when you first encounter Lillith. Especially if she happens to be in her human form. The looks are deceiving however and the boobs are fake - Lillith might turn you into a vampire and make you her lapdog, but most men she encounters end up having their hearts ripped out...
Identification: If you encounter a heavy-breasted lesbian vampiress who refuses to die when staked – you are probably dealing with Lillith.
How to Avoid: Despite many centuries of causing mayhem, Lillith has never killed a woman. She also hates the taste of vegetarian blood. Which leads us to a logical (and obvious) conclusion that being (or becoming) a vegetarian female is the surest way to avoid Lillith.
If this course of action is not available to you, you can also avoid Lillith by NOT visiting whorehouses.
If the above is not a practical suggestion either, we suggest that you visit only above-ground whorehouses, and sprinkle all your whores with some holy water – just to make sure.
Suggested Actions in Case of Encounter: If you find yourself stuck in the underground bordello surrounded by Lillith and her goons, you have two possible courses of action available:
a) You can surrender to them, ultimately exchanging your life for a brief encounter with silicon boobies;
b) You can easily escape through the chimney which leads back to the surface
The choice is yours.
Suggested Killing Techniques: Lillith is not your typical vampire – the standard stake and holy water can’t really harm her. The only sure way to disable her is by using some cross shaped puncture weapon to separate Lillith’ heart into four pieces, removing the heart from the body, and putting the pieces into separate containers to prevent them from touching each other. Sounds complicated?... It is.
NOTE: Not surprisingly the reverse process brings Lillith back to life.
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Movies Featuring the Character:
- Bordello of Blood (1996)

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