Sasquatch from Sasquatch Hunters

Name: Lucy and others (real names unknown)
Category: Monster, Animal, Mammal, Ape, Abominable Snowman, Sasquatch
Age: Various
Origin: North American Woods
Habitat: If when traveling through the North American wilderness you come upon a land completely devoid of any signs of wildlife – you are probably approaching Sasquatch habitat (or Exxon Mobil headquarters.) The Sasquatch are so successful as hunters that even scavenger animals avoid encroaching upon their territory... which explains the silence...
General Description: A close relative of Gigantopithecus that made its way to North America. Basically a giant bi-pedal gorilla. Developed a surprisingly sophisticated society signified by the burial ceremony, advanced hunting techniques (including utilizing trap pits), etc.
Friends, Associates, and Sidekicks: None
Sworn Enemies: Anthropologists, Paleontologists, and other gravedigger-ologists.
Special Powers: The size of this creature alone can count as a special power
Weapon(s) of choice: Bare hands and claws. These guys are really not picky as far as killing is concerned – they can slam you against a tree trunk, rip your throat out with their fangs, etc.
Weakness(es): Unlike some other Sasquatch, this particular Bigfoot sub-specie is cursed with a rather pathetic vision. Even the victims located a few dozen feet away appear blurry.
Hobbies: Unknown. It is unclear how far advanced their society has become since not many people that encountered these beasts close enough to observe them lived to tell the story. For all we know they might be into computer games.
Pet Peeves: Anyone and anything that intrudes onto their territory
Best Lines: N/A
Total Estimated Power Rating: 8
2 Base Intellect Points + 5 Base Physical Power Points + 1 Shock Point
Danger Level: High. This Sasquatch sub-specie is one of the most aggressive and dangerous. If they set their mind on killing you, you might as well lay down, relax, and try to enjoy the experience of facing the mother nature in all her glory.
Identification: A typical Sasquatch from Sasquatch Hunters often looks like a guy in a gorilla suit when viewed from a distance. When it is close enough for you to realize that you were wrong identifying it as such when in fact it was actually a computer generated image – it’s usually too late.
NOTE: Considering the fact that encountering any Sasquatch is almost always a deadly experience, don’t sweat it trying to figure out the exact biological classification of the beast. Here is a simple rule of s thumb – if you live in North America and see a giant gorilla outside the zoo – run first, identify the humanoid specie later.
NOTE 2: Always run away and not towards the animal
How to Avoid: Please, under no circumstances carry bones that you dug out of some suspicious graves. Use the luggage space you free by getting rid of the bones to carry some weapons and ammunition.
Suggested actions in case of encounter: Most specialists agree that shouting “Shit!” and running away is an excellent way of dealing with Sasquatch. Sasquatch hunting grounds is not the place to show off what a macho you are.
Suggested killing techniques: The Sasquatch can, in fact, be killed, but don’t expect a pistol or a small caliber to do the trick. You need something big, powerful, and nasty. AK-47 would be a very reasonable bet. Nuking the site from orbit might be a little excessive, but nonetheless is an excellent way to be sure.
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Movie Featuring the Character:
- Sasquatch Hunters (2005)

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