Chris Higgins

Name: Chris Higgins
Category: Humans, Survivors
Age: Around 20 years old
Origin: Higgins Haven near Camp Crystal Lake
Habitat: Higgins Haven near Camp Crystal Lake
General Description: The only known person to have survived two encounters with Jason Voorhees, Chris was attacked by him when in her teens and then again two years later, when she came back to the Camp Crystal Lake area to confront her fears of Jason. Now that’s way more ironic than rain on the wedding day.
Friends, Associates, and Sidekicks: Rick and a bunch of other losers
Sworn Enemies: Jason Voorhees
Special Powers: Massive cojones. Chris doesn’t stop fighting even when confronted by truly monstrous opponents.
Weapons of Choice: Furniture, books, knife, wooden log, shovel, rope, axe – anything she can get her hands on. Unlike some of her predecessors Chris uses her wide arsenal of weapons with deadly efficiency.
Weaknesses: A little funny in the head after the most recent encounter with Jason Voorhees.
Hobbies: Hanging out with losers
Pet Peeves: Absence of objects to strike her opponents with.
Best Lines: - No! You can’t be alive!
Total Estimated Power Rating: 9
4 Intellect Points + 2 Base Physical Strength Points + 2 Weapon Point for wide arsenal of weapons + 1 Additional Point for the Cojones Factor
Power Level: High. Chris makes up for her lack of physical power with her ability to utilize any available object as a weapon. She might scream in fear but that would not prevent her from delivering a deadly blow.
Identification: Chris is a rather average girl and probably wouldn’t stand out in a crowd, but don’t let it fool you - when confronted by a deranged serial killer she has more chances to survive than most of us.
How to Recruit: Chris would not fight evildoers willingly. Which means that if you are in desperate need of her help, you need to make sure that she will not be able to avoid the skirmish – for example you could drain the gas out of her vehicle thus preventing Chris from simply driving away and forcing her to confront the unavoidable. Make sure that Chris has easy access to a wide variety of objects that could serve as a weapon.
How to Stay on Her Good Side: Make sure she understands that you could have been spending time with another girl and yet decided to be with her. For some reason it makes her feel special or something. You don’t even have to beat about the bush on this matter… Say something like – “I hope you understand that I could have been having sex with Jane Smith, but I decided to try to get you in bed instead.” Romantic, isn’t it? Actually, it isn’t, but it still works like a charm.
What to Look Out For: Please understand that it is impossible to face Jason twice and remain sane. Be gentle to Chris’s psyche – don’t try to scare her. You might think it’s an innocent prank, but if she reacts before she understands the humor of the situation, you might end up with more than just a bruised ego.
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Movies and Books Featuring the Character:
- Friday the 13th - Part 3-D (1982)


Anonymous said...

Super bad ass final girl. The best ever. Love her.

Anonymous said...

Chris Higgins deserve more points for having the massive cojones factor. She is the greatest final girl who has ever survived a run in with Jason.

Anonymous said...

Chris Higgins deserves more points for having the massive cojones factor. She is the greatest final girl who has ever survived a run in with Jason.