Jason Voorhees

Name: Jason Voorhees
Category: Human, Mentally Deranged, Serial Killer, Villain, Mutant, Immortal
Age: Born on June 13th, 1946
Origin: Camp Crystal Lake
Habitat: Woods near Crystal Lake, Illinois
General Description: A hydrocephalic son of Pamela Voorhees. Lived with his mother at Camp Crystal Lake. At the tender of age of 11, Jason survived a near drowning accident caused by camp councilors' negligence. Since then the only human being he really knew was his mentally deranged mother - Mrs. Voorhees. After witnessing his mother’s death at the hands of Alice Hardy, Jason began his murderous rampage. In addition to his generally unhinged psyche the main driving forces behind his unquenchable bloodlust are the desire to revenge his drowning accident and his mother’s death and his high moral views regarding premarital sexual relationships. Ever since his mother's death in 1980, Jason has been living in a humble shack in the woods surrounding the Crystal Lake, living off wild animals and vegetation, stealing the few things he needs. Without human contact he became a frightened retard, an out-of-control psychopath, a child trapped in man’s body, killing anyone who disturbs the serene atmosphere of the Crystal Lake.
Friends, Associates, and Sidekicks: Mrs. Pamela Voorhees
Sworn Enemies: Alice Hardy, Ginny Field, Chris Higgins, Tommy Jarvis
Special Powers: Super-human strength and amazing self-healing powers. Jason is virtually indestructible and can survive even the most lethal wounds.
Weapons of Choice: Machete is Jason’s traditional weapon of choice, however he has been known to use a variety of other tools and weapons, including but not limited to: hammer, spear, knife, pitchfork, pickax, meat clever, sewing needle, harpoon rifle, fire poker, bare hands, axe, saw, and corkscrew.
Weaknesses: Usually kills his victims exclusively on Fridays the 13ths. (Also on Saturdays the 14ths, Sundays the 15ths, Mondays the 16ths, and occasionally Tuesdays the 17ths). Easily startled by people impersonating his mother or himself.
Hobbies: Decorating the shrine dedicated to his deceased mother with the bodies of his victims
Pet Peeves: Teenagers engaged in premarital sex
Best Lines: N/A
Total Estimated Power Rating: 12
2 Intellect Points + 5 Base Physical Strength Points + 1 Weapon Points for the machete + 1 Shock Point + 3 Points for Relative Invulnerability
Danger Level: Extremely High. Jason is an unstoppable killing machine that knows no mercy and is ready to kill anyone in his path. Especially if this someone happens to be an oversexed teenager.
Identification: Usually wears a hockey mask (although he is known to wear a bag over his head when in his youth). Jason’s habit of covering his face is a blessing, considering his deformed appearance. Only a few individuals “lucky” to see his malformed face have survived to tell the story.
How to Avoid: Do not have premarital sex. Especially near Camp Crystal Lake. Especially on Friday the 13th. To be on a safe side – don’t have sex and stay the hell away from Illinois all 365 days a year (366 during the leap years).
Suggested Actions in Case of Encounter: Impersonate his mother and strike him with a sharp heavy object. If you succeed in bringing him down – jump into the nearest car and drive as far away as you can. Make sure to never drive the notoriously unreliable German VW Beetles – they usually have either ignition or battery problems. When driving your famously reliable fine American vehicle - make sure you have plenty of gas in your tank.
Suggested Killing Techniques: Severe blows to the head with sharp and heavy objects have been known to incapacitate him for long enough for you to escape, however Jason is impossible to kill and even if he appears to be very, very dead – do not believe it. Even if his pronounced dead by a licensed medical professional. Even if his skull is wide open and his brain is sliding out of his head (just a scratch, as far as Jason is concerned). Even if he is supposedly cremated and buried. Remember – Jason is out there. Always.
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Movies and Books Featuring the Character:

- Friday the 13th (1980)
- Friday the 13th - Part 2 (1981)
- Friday the 13th - Part 3-D (1982)
- Friday the 13th - Part 4: The Final Chapter (1984)


Anonymous said...

I believe it's Crystal Lake,New Jersey haha.

Anonymous said...

You are correct. It is New Jersey. I am from Crystal Lake, Illinois!

Anonymous said...

Assigning a relative power level seems a bit obscure, since there is no absolute gauge for any of the listed attributes. Definitively, Jason has relatively low intellect, and that can be demonstrated easily. But his ability to predict the next move of his victims and capitalize on their mistakes is relatively high, so...where are we at. He acts according to the knowledge that he is invincible, as well, which denotes a level of self-awareness that is greater than animal...you get what I'm saying. Not that it matters that much, someone with a power rating of over 9000 (!) and planet killing weaponry that gets stopped before they can use it is far less threatening that someone with a power of 13 that has basically gardening tools, but can't die and kills a lot of people.

Also...fan of Underworld much? I saw at least 4 characters at a glance in your top 10's from that series. None of them really ever do anything, all of them can be killed by some form of a gun, and the series was cheesy shit on hotly buttered biscuits. I mean, Rise of the Lycans was literally just a longer version of what we already knew happened; it wasn't fun to watch, and didn't need to be made. Plus rewriting classic monster lore is always a risk. I don't think it paid off in this case, and I'm surprised they bothered making a new title recently. Everyone has their own opinions, but I personally thing it's a shit series for twats.