Lieutenant Carolyn Palamas

Name: Carolyn Palamas
Category: Human, Scientist, Starfleet Officer, Hero, Romantic Interest Character
Age: Early 20s
Size: Average Human
Origin: Planet Earth
Habitat: U.S.S. Enterprise (until she finds a man)
General Description: A&A officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise (Specialist in archeology, anthropology, and ancient civilizations). Lieutenant Palamas is a woman... all woman.
Friends, Associates, and Sidekicks: Scott, Kirk, Chekov, for a short period of time - Apollo
Sworn Enemies: None
Special Powers: Ability to crush male ego with just a few sentences. Ability to seduce gods who haven’t seen a woman for several millenniums.
Weapon(s) of choice: Language
Weakness(es): Greek gods, hunky aliens
Hobbies: Greek mythology
Pet Peeves: Drunken Scots who think that they are the right men for her
Best Line(s):
1) I must say, Apollo ... the way you ape human behavior is remarkable, but there are some other things I must know - your evolutionary patterns and your social development.
2) That's very flattering, but I must get on with my work now.
3) I'm not some simple shepherdess you can awe. Why, I could no more love you than I could love a new species of bacteria.
Total Estimated Power Rating: 7
5 Intellect Points + 2 Base Physical Strength Points
Power Rating Estimate Notes: Lieutenant Palamas is extremely well educated and intelligent.
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Movie(s) and or Book(s) featuring the character:
- Who Mourns for Adonais? - Star Trek The Original Series (2nd Season (1966))

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