Dr. Daniel 'Dan' Challis

Name: Daniel Challis
Category: Human, Alcoholic, Doctor
Age: 47
Origin: Unknown
Habitat: Cheap motels, dive bars
General Description: An aging medical doctor with a serious alcohol abuse problem. A terrible father and a horrible husband. Can’t pass a woman without making a sexist joke or slapping her behind. In short – any woman’s dream come true.
Friends, Associates, and Sidekicks: Ellie Grimbridge
Sworn Enemies: Conal Cochran
Special Powers: Ability to stay sober until noon, ability to maintain a perfectly shaped mustache at all times, extremely skillful in throwing rubber masks over cameras, knows the direct phone number to the secret overlord of all television networks.
Weapons of Choice: Bare hands
Weaknesses: Girls half his age. He might pretend that he cares to know just how old (young) they are, but only after his life wrecking lust has been quenched.
Hobbies: Booze of course
Pet Peeves: The “Eight more days to Halloween, Halloween, Halloween” commercial
Best Lines:
- I was right! We’ll go directly to the factory!
- Whoa! Hold on! Slow down! Slow down. It’s getting late. I could use a drink.
Total Estimated Power Rating: 7
4 Intellect Points + 3 Base Physical Strength Points
Danger Level: Depends on the time of day. Dan is worthless in the mornings, but after a few drinks his motor skills become surprisingly coordinated.
Identification: Dan is a sexy 50-year-old stud with a mustache and stale cigarette-booze breath. Usually wears the same clothes he wore yesterday. Usually accompanied by a teenage girl whom he claims as his wife. He is really not that hard to identify. The real question is why would you want to identify him?
How to Avoid: Avoiding Dan is almost impossible if you are a bartender in a dive bar or a teenage girl, but otherwise it’s really not that hard. Get a restraining order if you must.
Suggested Actions in Case of Encounter: Try breathing through your mouth to avoid the smell. Walk away.
Suggested Killing Techniques: Tie him up and make him wear a Silver Shamrock mask while he is watching a blinking pumpkin on a TV screen that would activate the Bluestone inside the mask, that would launch a laser beam blowing his brains out and magically release the snakes and insects inexplicably stored inside the mask. Or just shoot him.
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Movies and Books Featuring the Character:
- Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)


BC said...

Hahahaha this is my favorite random find on the Internet in ages. Bless you.

Max said...

Thank you, BC. Don't have much time to update lately, but comments like your is what keeps me going.

Your Horror Movie A Day blog is an excellent read as well - I have subscribed, so don't be surprised if you see movies from your blog featuring here as well.

Todd Farmer said...

Irony. I find this site because BC, who randomly stumbled across it, mentioned Dr. Dan today.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite movie characters, nice bio; although you really should make the text white since its hard to read without highlighting it :O