The Dutch Businessman

Name: Unknown
Category: Villain, Sadist, Serial Killer
Age: Mid 50s
Origin: Netherlands
Habitat: An abandoned factory in Slovakia just outside Bratislava (Poricany)
General Description: A Dutch businessman who dreamt of becoming a surgeon, but failed at achieving his goal due to a physical disability. One of the members of the Elite Hunting Club – a sadistic organization run my Russian mafia, which supplies victims and quiet private torture chambers to its members. E-mail blatanikov@gang.rus to join. The prices vary – usually $5K for a Russian, $10K for a European, $25K for an American, $50K for an Asian girl... Print this post to receive a 10% discount on your first order.
Friends, Associates, and Sidekicks: Other members of the Elite Hunting Club
Sworn Enemies: Paxton
Special Powers: None
Weapons of Choice: Electric Drill, Scalpel
Weaknesses: Shaky hands, pathetic physical strength, poor eyesight, etc.
Hobbies: Torturing people
Pet Peeves: Being tortured
Best Lines:
1) I believe people have lost their relationship with food. They do not think: “This is something who gave its life so I wouldn’t go hungry.”
2) I like to have a connection with something that died for me. I appreciate it more.
3) No one is paying me. In fact, I'm the one paying them!
Total Estimated Power Rating: 6
4 Intellect Points + 2 Base Physical Strength Points

Danger Level: Low. The guy is a rather pathetic villain. He is rather weak unless some Russian gangsters are there to do all the dirty work, that includes bringing the victim to him, tying it up, and all. They are the ones you should be really afraid of.
Identification: Has a bloodhound tattoo on his arm. Refuses to use utensils when eating in order to have a connection with his food, or something of that sort. Shaky hands.
How to Avoid: Don’t travel to Eastern Europe. If you do – stay on mainstream tourist routes and don’t try to look for adventures. You might find more adventures than you bargained for.
Suggested Actions in Case of Encounter: If he ever touches you – kill the motherf*cker. If you don’t – don’t be surprised if one day you wake up in his torture chamber.
Suggested Killing Techniques: Be creative. Make sure that the bastard feels it. Think about all the innocent victims he tortured to death. Show no mercy. If you are having trouble taking a human life – get in touch with Paxton, he'll have no problem with it.
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Movies and Books Featuring the Character:
- Hostel (2005)

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