Name: Casey
Category: Human, American, Hero, Soldier
Age: Early 20s
Origin: New York, NY
Habitat: Mulberry Street, NY
General Description: A strong woman and a war veteran.
Friends, Associates, and Sidekicks: Her father - Clutch
Sworn Enemies: Rat people
Special Powers: Combat training
Weapons of Choice: Bare hands and whatever happens to be handy
Weaknesses: Self-conscious about her battle scars
Best Lines: - Quiet is good
Total Estimated Power Rating: 9
5 Base Intellect Points + 3 Base Physical Power Points + 1 Additional Point for Military Combat training
Power Level: Medium. Casey might seem like a quiet type, but don't let that fool you – she is a trained killer, and is capable of defending herself with seemingly unexpected ease.
Identification: Her battle scars and an impressive amount of freckles make her stand out from the crowd.
Additional Character Images:

Movies and Books Featuring the Character:

- Mulberry Street (2007)


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