Indonesian Anaconda

Name: Unknown (multiple specimens)
Category: Snake, Aquatic Monster, Reptile
Age: 50-100 years old (may be older)
Size: 50 feet and more
Origin: Borneo, Indonesia
Habitat: Selatan Basin, Borneo, Indonesia
General Description: Although yet unknown to scientists, the Indonesian Anacondas grow to be even larger than their South American counterparts due to the presence of Blood Orchids in their food chain. Some of the chemicals found in this exotic plant allow Anacondas to live significantly longer than any other snakes. Since Anacondas continue to grow until death, the extra long life span allows these reptiles to reach truly monstrous proportions.
Friends, Associates, and Sidekicks: Other anacondas
Sworn Enemies: Jin-Soon
Special Powers: Inhabiting Indonesia
Weapon(s) of choice: Swallowing victims whole
Weakness(es): Anacondas are relatively easy to kill with a knife, machete, or fire.
Hobbies: Group sex
Pet Peeves: Flare guns, Gasoline
Best Line(s): N/A
Total Estimated Power Rating: 7
1 Intellect Points + 5 Base Physical Strength Points + 1 Shock Point
Power Rating Estimate Notes: When hiking in the Indonesian jungle make sure to carry plenty of weapons. Knives, machetes, and gasoline tanks may become useful. When properly armed, killing an anaconda is so easy, even a comic relief can do it. If you are unarmed or paralyzed however, you don’t stand a chance. And for God's sake - stay out of muddy pits, for that's where anacondas make sweet anaconda love.
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Movie(s) and or Book(s) featuring the character:

Anacondas - The Hunt for the Blood Orchid (2004)

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