Moloch the Corrupter

Name: Moloch (aka Malcolm)
Category: Demon
Age: Unknown
Origin: Ancient Judea
Habitat: Internet
General Description: An ancient demon that had been trapped inside a medieval book for many centuries. Reading the book aloud could unleash him onto the world. Unexpectedly, however, the book was scanned onto the computer connected to the Internet. This turn of events freed Moloch, but did not provide him with a physical body, which had to be specially constructed for him out of spare parts by some high-school geeks.
Friends, Associates, and Sidekicks: Fritz and Dave the high-school geeks
Sworn Enemies: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Special Powers: Controlling the Internet from the inside. Ability to seduce geeks into obeying him by promising them power, knowledge, and probably also some rare collectible Magic: The Gathering cards (the latter is unconfirmed, although highly probable)
Weapons of Choice: Moloch enjoys breaking peoples’ necks with his bare hands, but most of his transgressions are conducted by his acne covered associates
Weaknesses: Willow
Hobbies: Chatting with underage girls on the Internet
Pet Peeves: Moloch has no idea who Kayless is, and yet is forced to obey the stupid formula every time someone mutters it aloud
Best Lines:
1) I can give you everything. All I want is your love.
2) This world is so new, so exciting. I can see all of it. Everything flows through me. I know the secrets of your kings. But nothing compares to having form again. To be able to walk, to touch... to kill.
Total Estimated Power Rating: 12
5 Intellect Points + 4 Base Physical Strength Points + 1 Shock Point + 1 Point for Relative Immortality + 1 Additional Point for ability to exist without a physical body exclusively on the Internet
Danger Level: Medium. Although nobody knows what exactly Moloch is after (Power? Wealth? Free movie downloads?) it is certain that nothing can stop Moloch on his quest for it...
(With an exception of reading the “Kayless” formula aloud, which would render him harmless...)
(And with another exception of electrocuting Moloch, which would, in fact, kill him)
Identification: If someone says they like you – don’t believe them, it’s probably Moloch trying to seduce you.
How to Avoid: Don’t read any books with a demon face on the cover. Especially the books written in a foreign language. To be on the safer side – avoid reading books in general. Also avoid chatting or exchanging e-mails on the Internet. Better yet – avoid Internet altogether. And phone. And people. Just stay at home and play Dungeons and Dragons. By yourself... In the dark... Believe me, a bag of Cheez-It is the only friend you can trust...
Suggested Actions in Case of Encounter: Form a circle by holding hands with your friends and say the following formula aloud: “By the power of circle of Kayless. I command you, Demon… Come!” This procedure will not kill Moloch, but will neutralize him in some way
NOTE: Holding a bag of Cheez-It doesn't count as "holding hands with your friends," even if it is, in fact, your only friend. Unfortunately, you would need to actually meet some real people in order for this technique to work.
Suggested Killing Techniques: Electrocuting Moloch’s scrap metal body is the only proven way to kill him, but don’t be afraid to try other techniques... water might do the trick as well...
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Movies and Books Featuring the Character:

- I Robot – You Jane - Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV Series - Season 1) (1997)


angelin said...

Moloch the Corrupter was bound to a book using a binding spell and the The Circle of Kayless. Giles and Jenny formed a virtual Circle of Kayless to create the same spell when Moloch was unleashed on the internet.
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Adam Walker said...

He looks like a Bionicle character.