Jesse Walsh

Name: Jesse Walsh
Category: Human, American, Possessed, Student, Murderer, Shape-Shifter
Age: Late teens
Origin: Unknown
Habitat: 1428 Elm Street, Springwood
General Description: A confused young man possessed by Freddy Krueger after his family moved into Nancy Thompson’s former house. When Jesse looses control over his body, he takes on Freddy’s appearance and runs around (usually wet and naked) killing innocent folks. Although able to occasionally overcome his possession, Jesse is nonetheless responsible for multiple murders, which he claims to have little or no memory of.
Friends, Associates, and Sidekicks: Lisa Webber, Freddy Krueger
Sworn Enemies: Freddy Krueger
Special Powers: Being possessed... thus acquiring many of Freddy’s special powers. When not possessed, Jesse’s only special power is the sexual magnetism that helps him to secure rich and attractive girlfriends.
Weapons of Choice: Freddy’s Razor-Clawed glove
Weaknesses: Inability to control his own actions. Jesse is not very good at overcoming Freddy’s will-power and usually requires assistance of his girlfriend Lisa in order to become himself again.
Hobbies: Being naked, shirtless, or at the very least bare-chested.
Pet Peeves: Exploding parrots
Best Lines:
1) I’m afraid to go to sleep. I’m afraid to stay awake.
2) Kill me, Lisa. Please, kill me.
Total Estimated Power Rating: 11
3 Base Intellect Points + 2 Base Physical Power Points + 1 Weapon Point for Freddy’s Glove + 1 Point for Shape-Shifting + 4 Additional Points for when possessed by Freddy
Danger Level: Low to extremely high depending on his current possession status.
Identification: When possessed by Freddy, Jesse looks exactly like him, thus identifying him in this state is extremely complicated. We suggest treating anyone who looks like Freddy as Freddy. God will sort them out.
How to Avoid: Avoid visiting S&M themed gay bars. Jesse has a strange tendency of visiting these joints at night, although usually he claims that he is doing it in the state of shock or when sleep-walking...
NOTE: Jesse needs understanding and support... Repressed homosexuality is not something to toy with and could have been responsible for Jesse’s vulnerability to demonic possession.
Suggested Actions in Case of Encounter: Do not let him fall asleep. Jesse can become Freddy at any moment, but if he falls asleep then it’s pretty much a given.
Suggested Killing Techniques: When Jesse is possessed by Freddy it is vital to reassure him of his own strength and help him to gain control over his own body. Kissing Freddy-Jesse and expressing your feelings for him causes him to spontaneously combust, thus magically releasing Jesse from Freddy’s influence... Or does it? ...Not really.
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Movies and Books Featuring the Character:
- A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge (1985)


Lucas Vancott said...

Jesse Walsh is one strange person that is important to some of the people in Springwood but he was possessed by Freddy and Jesses crawled out of Freddy's ashes and that very nice of him even tough is he still alive or dead no one knows and I'll see you in heaven or hell good bye.

J said...

I love that scene when Freddy pops out of his chest.

Nice touch not recurring to the usual homo joke. 10 points to the writer