The Great White Shark from Jaws

Name: Bruce
Category: Shark, Aquatic Monster, Fish
Age: 12 years
Size: Length - 25 feet; Weight - 3 tons
Origin: Ocean
Habitat: Atlantic Ocean near Amity Island
General Description: A perfect engine, an eating machine. Really a miracle of evolution.
Friends, Associates, and Sidekicks: none
Sworn Enemies: Police Chief Martin Brody, Quint, Matt Hooper
Special Powers: Going under with three barrels
Weapon(s) of choice: Razor-Sharp Teeth, Powerful Jaws
Weakness(es): Inability to survive massive explosions
Hobbies: Swimming, eating, making little sharks
Pet Peeves: Fishermen, Shark hunters
Best Line(s): N/A
Total Estimated Power Rating: 7
1 Intellect Points + 5 Base Physical Strength Points + 1 Shock Point
Power Rating Estimate Notes: Great White Shark from Jaws is unable to survive on land, hence staying on land is the best way to avoid it. Standard shark fishing methods are almost entirely useless against this monster. Avoid at all costs.
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Movie(s) and or Book(s) featuring the character:
- Jaws (1975)

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