SilName: Sil
Category: Human-Alien Hybrid, Shape-Shifter
Age: 1 month
Size: 5’ 10” height
Origin: Secret U.S. Government Lab
Habitat: Anywhere where she may find abundance of potential mates
General Description: A human-alien hybrid engineered in a secret government lab from the alien DNA sequence that SETI received via radio signal from somewhere in outer space, along with the detailed instructions onto how to combine the alien DNA with human.
In just 3-weeks Sil matured to the level of a 12 year old human girl. When the scientists tried to terminate the experiment by killing her, Sil escaped. She quickly grew to become a mature woman and started to roam Los Angeles in pursuit of a human mate that would allow her to re-produce.
Sil kills only if she feels threatened. Her remarkable intelligence and powerful alien instincts help her to overcome the confusion caused by her laboratory upbringing and absence of understanding of her personal purpose.
Friends, Associates, and Sidekicks: Dr. Stephen Arden (at least for a few minutes), Sil's baby
Sworn Enemies: Xavier Fitch, Preston Lennox, Dan Smithson, Dr. Laura Baker, Dr. Stephen Arden
Special Powers: Amazing agility and strength. Regeneration abilities. Ability to morph into a monstrous alien being. When in human form – ability to look like Natasha Henstridge.
Weapon(s) of choice: “Boob-tacles” – powerful tentacles growing out of her nipples, which Sil uses to strangle her victims (only if she feels threatened, of course)
Weaknesses: Terrible fashion sense, vulnerability to fire
Hobbies: Mating
Pet Peeves: Defective mates
Best Line(s): - Where is a good place to find a man?
Total Estimated Power Rating: 11
4 Intellect Points + 3 Base Physical Strength Points + 2 Additional Physical Strength Points for when in Alien Shape + 1 Shock Point + 1 Point for Basic Shape-Shifting Ability
Power Rating Estimate Notes: Sill kills only if she feels threatened. Boob-tacles are extremely powerful and can be used to strangle the victim or to penetrate victim’s flesh like a sword. Tongue-tacle can go strait through the skull of the victims during ill-fated make-out sessions. Fire seems to be the only way to dispose of her. Grows rapidly, yet doesn’t seem to age once reaches maturity. Extremely intelligent for her age.
Additional Character Notes: Mating with 1-month old Sil is not only hazardous, but may also constitute statutory rape. Saying that she looks 23-24 may not work in court.
Additional Character Notes 2: Sil kills only if she feels threatened. Or if she thinks that she feels that she is threatened. Or if you are in her way. Or if she is jealous. Or if she is hungry. Or if she is horny. Or if she is pissed. Or just for the hell of it.
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Movie(s) and or Book(s) featuring the character:

- Species (1995)

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